Bulevard is a modern real estate platform, combining the most innovative technologies and real estate experiences to make the search and sell experience more intelligent and seamless.

Advanced Search

The main advanced search module offers the possibility to find the desired property after selecting the filters (Property Type, Region, Baths, Price ... etc.). The task was to make this module intuitive and easy to use. After selecting the filters and clicking on the search button it will show you all the possible properties.

Properties result

It is the most important page on the site, the page with the results of the properties. Here the user can view the properties simultaneously on the map and in the grid / list. The results change depending on the current location on the map when the user zooms in / out / move to the map. It's great, isn't it? Also, the user has the possibility to use the whole filter to get a more accurate result for what he is looking for.

Property page

The page contains all the information about the property: address, description, facilities, photos and location on the map. You have the possibility to download the property in PDF, to share, to add to the collection and to contact the agent by filling in the form on the right.
It supports 360 degree presentation.

Agents list

The module provides the ability to view all agents and also to search for an agent by entering the name in the search field. The search results of the agents appear right next to the search box, then clicking on the agent takes you to his page.

Agent Page

The page contains the basic information of the agent such as: Name, Telephone, links on social networks and a small description. It is also possible to view the properties attached to this agent and the traded properties. You can contact the agent by clicking on the "Work With Agent Name" button and filling in the form with the necessary data.


The user has the opportunity to make an account on the site and to create collections with properties. The properties can be added in collections on the page with the results of the property or even on the property page. In the user profile you can filter and view on the map all the properties in the collections, also with the possibility of sorting.

They are the most skilled specialists that I met so far. The way they approach and solve the client's problem is exceptional. They are very receptive and they understand exactly what you need. We've managed to create together, in my opinion, the most functional real estate site from Moldova. Now I receive a lot of positive reviews from my clients about the design and functionality of the site. The sales increased by almost 30%. I don't know anyone better than them. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Ion Asandi

CEO at Bulevard

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