Free Self-hosted Social Media Scheduling Tool

Free Self-hosted Social Media Scheduling Tool

Dima Botezatu
22 Aug, 2022

As an entrepreneur and developer, I use to post what I'm doing on social networks. Every time I have to post manually to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and others. Then I looked for a tool that I can use it. I found some tools but they were not designed at all as a user experience or had many bugs and of course "limits". For more unlimited, you have to pay a lot of money.

Paying money for a tool is not a problem for me, but I always want to save as much as I can. I understand that Self-hosted software will be a good fit for me. Same, I found some Self-hosted software, but you already know why I didn't continue to use them :)

Mixpost - Self-hosted marketing platform for Social Networks

Developers love to craft things, me too. So I asked myself "What if I'll create my software to use it?". Of course, I can do it!

So, I started to create a package that could manage and schedule posts on social networks. Seeing that I succeed and that I like what I create, I decided to make it a commercial product, so that anyone can buy a license and use this software on their server.

Cool, but wait... I need validation myself in face of the Laravel community, people in the Laravel community want to see that you are serious with your intention and you are reliable when it comes to buying a software license from you. After all, I don't have an audience or a subscriber.

That said, I decided that I will create two versions of this software, a FREE and a PRO version. The Free version will be available publicly on with some basic features like scheduling and some analytics data. Supported social networks in the free version will be Twitter, Facebook, and Mastodon.

PRO version will include several additional features and social networks like Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Also, I'm thinking of a SaaS version, so you will be able to sell this application as a service.

Preview of

I named this package "Mixpost". Mixpost is in its very early stages of development, sign up on to get notified when we launch it.

By the way, Mixpost PRO is available for early adoption. For a single one-time payment, you will get LIFETIME free updates. Check this out

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